Remember Me by Tiana

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Remember Me

Paperback, 8.5x11, 100 Pages £23.00
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Remember Me
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A journey with the Goddess is captured in this magical book, Remember Me, by Slippery Jacks artist Tiana. This beautiful book is a vibrant collection of Tiana's stunning artwork along with poetry and images that have special meaning for her.

However, in this book, Tiana invites you to take a journey of your own. She leaves spaces for you to add your own thoughts; to record your own journey. Tiana says that this is not a conventional Goddess book. In fact, she tell us that it started out as a simple scrapbook for her grandchildren. But Goddess, it seems, had other plans.

Remember Me offers space to see Goddess through you... your way. It is a gift beyond measure. It is your unique space in which to honour the Goddess.