Waking Eryn by Sharon Zak

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Waking Eryn

Paperback, 8x5, 122 Pages £6.99
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Waking Eryn
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As Eryn begins to evolve into her full and vibrant self, the present and past coalesce to surround her. During this time of personal change travellers begin to arrive on the island of Alderney and while there, they too learn their own potential and prepare to take their places at Eryn's side.

As the Major leaves the physical world behind, Mike and Harry make their appearance. Mike has dragged his sadness along with him for an eternity, but with the combined effort of his friend, Harry, the warmth of Alderney, and the gifts given, Mike finds himself. He learns that even he, a vagrant, is a wonderful and unique soul. He learns that he is important to the world.

Scott arrives too. He returns to a place of childhood memory and of therapy, Alderney, and while there meets his destiny. It has been waiting patiently for him to arrive and now he will grow.

In this part of the tale the past is not separated by time but woven into the fabric of the Universe. It is a heartbeat that evokes awareness, the sound of a tide turning.